How many times a day do you practice yoga and what style?

Alexis Q.
just once a day, and i practice asanas, usually a blend of ashtanga and vinyasa. but, lately alo yoga’s elemental series has my heart since i’m a fan of the last air bender :,)
Toby U.
Once a day at most, usually slow long asanas as I need flexibility more than strength so hatha yoga or slower still yin yoga
Max U.
I do yoga once a day. I usually have a pretty busy schedule so I just do it either whenever I get time. I usually just look up some yoga videos on YouTube, lol. I choose a random one for each day. That was probably confusing, but I hope that answers your question. 😂
Ross C.
I practice yoga everyday as part of my morning routine. I try different videos on YouTube, depending on my mood, how I feel in my body and what sounds interesting! I try to do 20 minutes but will do more or less depending how achey I feel.
Ana N.
I usually do Yin, Restorative, or Gentle Yoga, with an emphasis on breath, at night time to help wind down and transition to relaxation time. My goal is to add a morning Hatha practice to my routine in the near future. I am not brave, or limber enough, enough yet for Vinyasa. Gentle does it for now.