When u fall out of schedule from working out at home due to depression, even though u know it’s the best thing for depression, how do u talk urself back into exercising/yoga?

Alexandra V.
It depends on how bad the depression is! Because if you know that you can do it, you will do it! You can fight with it! It's only in our minds! Once when we say "No, I can't." We begin saying it again and again. Which is bad! Exercising and yoga are the best thing to clear your mind and be the best part of yourself!
Gustav C.
Remind myself the reason i started working out and all the benefits of doing so. I also remember that i am not a quitter and ought to finish what I started
Luciane E.
Maybe give yourself a little treat every 5 days in a row you do it for example maybe if you successfully exercise 5 days in a row you can go buy yourself your favorite snack 🙂