Where does yoga hold the most power for you? Is it through gentleness, strength, breathing, slowing down, listening, or building a sweat, etc.?

Walther Y.
I like slowing down, thinking about nothing but my breath and body, stretching tight or tired muscles. I like the stillness, the way I feel during and afterwards. It enlivens and feeds my soul.
Danielle G.
Slowing down and breathing. I do a bedtime video and it helps my brain shut down for the night. My morning video helps me focus before my brain starts running non stop for the day.
Mariah E.
For me it's taking a breath, slowing down and actually taking the time to look at little things instead of rushing around all the time with my head cut off
Rebecca P.
For me, it is about slowing down and getting to know my body, how it moves, where it holds tensions. It's me-time. I don't see it as a work out. Sometimes I will just do 5 minutes of stretches if I have had a busy day, just to ensure I spend those 5 minutes getting to know and appreciate myself 😊