What motivates you to practice yoga and how do you fit it in everyday? Additional question- how do folk manage with dogs who insist on getting involved?

Viktor E.
Because it is part of who I am when I don’t do a stretch or yoga session I just don’t feel like my best self and this will influence my whole day, it’s the best kind of addiction. Dogs and cats are welcome, in the beginning they think it’s weird then play with them in between moves or put them away, mine got used to my moves. Goodluck!
Kathy U.
I ranch. I’ve broken my back 3 times. Yoga saved my life. If I don’t do it for a day or two I’m hurting. The cow dogs seem to have learned to bugg off
Hillary P.
I practice yoga as part of my morning routine. Having a set time of day to practice helps me stay motivated to keep up with it everyday. There are free classes on YouTube I follow and I’ve currently been following a 30 day morning yoga challenge. Also, my body is stiff from sleeping so doing yoga in the morning helps me feel better.