What do you tell yourself on days that you feel unmotivated to do yoga?

Beatriz C.
It's just a few minutes, it won't take longer. There's no harm in doing it even if I reduce some asanas (sometimes I end up doing everything, like "since I'm here…"). I can do it slowly, or less asanas or time, but if you do just a little bit, you work with a clean conscience.
Elizabeth A.
Actually, I start with meditation in order not to feel frustrated before and during yoga. Just try to relax and breathe, make yourself feel strong and that motivation passes through your entire body. Breathe!

I hope it will help you. The most important thing – remember you are gorgeous and you are loved🖤

Michelle Q.
If you are already arguing with yourself, it is a bit late in the game. You can't win. You know? BUT if you just make it a habit, like it isn't a choice, then there is no arguing. For ex; get up, drink water, take meds, check sugar, get dressed, put on shoes, do yoga, eat breakfast, done. See how I snuck that in there? If it just is a part of the background, your brain doesn't think it needs to protect you from something strange. So you add yoga to the list of "familiar, safe, everyday things" and your brain will just accept it. If you make like its a big deal & fuss over which poses to do today & cause yourself drama, of course your brain will put yoga on its list of "potentially unsafe, stressful activities ". So, just quietly add yoga to your daily habits, set it up ahead of time for the week or month and it will be much easier. I hope this helps. PS: you need to tell your brain that yoga increases energy, stamina & attitude. 😉🥰🥰🧘‍♀️🦸🏼‍♀️ Sending a SuperHera and a Yogi to help.
Sebastian W.
Be kind and go a bit easier on yourself. Even just sit on the mat and breathe. Reflect on how much better you feel after a practice and see if this encourages you. Reward your self with gratitude when you have come to the end of the practice.
Claude U.
When I am unmotivated for yoga I look at my sticky notes that I posted around my house and I remind myself that I can do very gentle yoga to relax myself as opposed to doing a strength training session. And if I miss a day I'm not going to beat myself up; rather, I will be gentle to myself and remind myself to try again the next day. So remember to listen to your body. It knows what it needs. Blessings!