Do you prefer different styles of yoga at different times of the day? Why?

Richard P.
I tend to only be able to get in some early morning yoga as part of my wake up routine. This is mainly due to lack of time rather than the willingness to accomplish it.

As it's part of my morning yoga I tend to stick with the one type of yoga. On the odd occassion where I am able to do more I will still only do the one type of yoga, which for me is a combination of Vinyasa and Restorative

Hannah F.
In the mornings, my yoga is more fast paced and intense to help wake my body up and energize me. At nights, I do a bed time version of yoga that is all centered around relaxing the muscles, body, and mind to help me settle down for a good nights sleep feelings fully relaxed.

Bryan U.
Sometimes! I think it just depends how the day is going and how I feel. I do perfer more meditation and smaller movements at night. Downward dog or planks don't really help me when it comes to going to sleep, but they wake me up so I keep them for earlier day routines. Child pose, puppy pose, or cat &cow pose helps me relax and get into a sleepy state. To me yoga is about being comfortable and still lightly pushing yourself. So do what works best for you!

Farah A.
I prefer different styles of yoga at different times of day as each different posture has its special and a unique benefit

Sunshine W.
I do more gentle stretching poses in the morning , such as cat & cow, child pose and spinal twist( which can be done in bed) . For evening I like to do legs up wall, and forward bend, and downward dog.

Hyejin N.
Im the morning i only do sun salutation cause I don't have time. In the evening i do yoga from yt videos so it's usually different every time