What moves would you recommend to get energized?

Alex G.
Any type of yoga routine is fantastic to get energized, especially if you can stretch your body out. Adding some meditation to it may seem counterintuitive but it really will get you energized. IF you want, you can pair this up with a cold shower and that will get you going (mind you, the last one I don't really do :') )
Ninon A.
Try cardio or high intensity workouts. Do exercises that get your heart rate up, like high knees, jumping jacks, squats, plank, etc. Remember to eat healthy if you want to get your full results.
Gavin Y.
Drink water, do a quick jog or run or even jumping jacks. Get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Bust out 10-20 push-ups and be vocal. You’ll have energy😉
Undine F.
Simple yoga stretches i find are great. Flowing from cat to cow, lunges, mountain pose and downward dog. I try to hold each pose for 20 seconds. It also helps doing a 5 minute meditation before hand.
Emily W.
Simply walking, if only around the house. If you can walk outside, around the block. Enjoy the nature around you. Wave at the people you see!
Anabelle Y.
I would reccomend doing what you love. If you like dancing, do dance. It doesn't have to be something that's already fitness related though. If you like gaming, you can play just dance. If you like watching movies, you can watch a musical and try to learn a dance from it. If you like fashion, buy some new workout out clothes and try them on. Then workout in them.
Heidi G.
Sun salutations! It helps stretch out your whole body, get the blood flowing and deep breathing always genome calm you down
Gregory T.
A little dance party always makes me feel better both physically and mentally. Even if it's super quick it still affects my energy levels.
Hazel G.
A movie would recommend to get energised is Clueless its very entertaining to watch and it’s also funny to watch and it’s for kids up to 8+.
Mae C.
Sun salutation yoga sequence of poses,
5 Tibetans,
Fast walking or jogging,
HITT workouts,
Anything that gets your heart pumping, breathing faster and some good old sparkly sweating!
Gabei U.
To become energized I would recommend going into the poses at a faster speed and focusing on making the routine flow opposed to counting out breath in each position.
Eliyah E.
Breath work of 3 times: first 10 breaths with holding on the end for 10 seconds then for the second tour it’s 20 and third 30’ for 30 respirations usually do between 4 and 6 AM