What do you feel after doing YOGA?

Dagny O.
Tired lol, but accomplished. I try not to focus too much on if I've "improved" my flexibility from yesterday, or if the YouTube routine I've picked was too slow, or if I had to modify everything. Instead I try to focus on getting the most out of each session, whether it's ten minutes or an hour, restful and low impact or difficult. I tell myself yoga is more than being bendy, it's about feeling and connecting with and learning your own body.
Reina Z.
After yoga, I feel much more relaxed and ready to conquer the things that I need to complete for the day today including the tasks that need to be done. It helps me get rid of the negative thoughts and focus on the positive ones more.
Hope T.
It's really relaxing like letting go of your body portion by portion until the whole body and even mind is just free and relieved. it's really freeing