What’s your best yoga tips for new yogis?

Carolyn W.
I'm not really a yogi, but since I've been self quarantined I've found it can be really helpful to just take 10 minutes to do a small sequence of yoga in the morning, to wake up and feel energised (I'm not exactly an early bird!) and one in the evening, to stop what I'm doing, calm down, empty my mind, and finally go to bed. So, my advice is: take it slow, take it easy, don't start with difficult or long sequences that you know you won't do every day, just do what feels better and try to do a little every day! Hope that helps 😉
Brenda N.
My best advice is to start small & work toward bigger goals. If u make it easier to do, u will be less likely to quit. Start with a pose or breathing exercise, whatever u can commit to everyday for at least a week. Up the time to 5 minutes the next week. Then 10 minutes the week after, etc. If not every week, make the changes every month. Whatever works so that it's easy & creates the habit of doing something…anything is better than nothing.