why do you have to hold your breath?

Rita G.
I have started to add a hot bowl of quoina for breakfast.

I first wake up, I stretch. When I get out of bed, I drink a glass of water that I have prepared the night before.

I was unhappy when I was young and now that I am much older I notice so many things in nature, animals and truly appreciate them and am grateful each day because I have changed and am with people that like me.

I am retired and have no exams to study for taking a test.

Amane Y.
My life is like book I want to read it and take along smile and I feel proud sometime I want to read it with extra emotions that I am happy to complete reading to the end .
Sol F.
Why don't you add some more time before the yoga poses as we need time to get in the position and if it is new to us we would need more time! Also, give a review of the yoga poses before starting them.
Maggie U.
Holding your breath when taking a deep inhale allows your cells more time to absorb oxygen. Unless you're swimming, definitely hold your breath while swimming.
Julian C.
probably because im scared what others would say if i didnt hold it. i hold it because im not ready to show my family and friends the real me, i hold it because im scared that not needed person will know too much about me