How do you measure your progress in yoga?

Lu N.
I see how I’m feeling, how I’m more at peace with change. How I want to keep doing it everyday, how my mind is changing, how my actions start to be more conscious.
Bella J.
I’m trying to do 5 minutes of exercise every morning , sometimes the ones of the app and sometimes the ones on youtube!! it helps a lot
Logan Y.
Balance is the key, once you know your inner Zen. It evolves you to do better. Measuring it up evaluates the mind in precision form so you can be prepared and precise on point the amount of time your using.
Lisa Z.
I don't know if this will answer you question but to be honest, I don't. All I do is set an alarm to make sure I do it every day of the week except the weekend and I make sure that I do it. If I don't, I punish myself by not allowing myself to, for example, drink coffee for two days. Small things. I am, however, aware of the magic yoga is doing to my body and especially my legs and I love it! Good luck on your journey and I hope I helped! 🙂
Jimena N.
I don’t think you can actually measure but when I feel a pose is easier or notice that I have more flexibility, that’s when I realize I am getting better at it.
Nu A X.
I personally measure it with how I feel afterwards. Right now, after my session I feel ready for the day, streached and fresh. Also it feels easier and easier to ease into the stretches and my back is starting to get it's "ballet-y" flexibility back:)
Shirley T.
I started out with doing 15 minutes of yoga 🧘‍♀️ then slowly upped it to 30 minutes! I don’t do yoga 🧘‍♂️ every day but I do try to keep up with it! I have gained greater strength and balance!
Scarlett U.
I like to do a lot of stretching routines. If you stretch everyday, you’ll start to notice that you’re becoming more flexible. There are also loads of yoga tutorial so on you tube that’s range from beginner to advanced. Start from beginner and slowly work your way up as you keep practising. hope this helped! 🙂
Hector Q.
One of my goals is flexibility, so I measure my progress by how far I've come in achieving splits, backbends etc. That is the goal that getse started, but what keeps me going is the way I feel after, and how present I become in my own body even when I'm not doing yoga. That is what really tells me how far I've come.
Zoe V.
Ever since I decided to get on a schedule and do yoga, I have been better than ever and for the past two days my posture has been getting better and I've been getting brighter days 🙂
Tamar T.
I mesure my progress with 2 things .
1 the length of the session I stated with 20 minutes and it was not easy so if I can go longer it's a good sign.
2. My breath if my breathing is easy and full it's a good sign when I started I was very short breath