What is the best routine or app or anything that helps with doing yoga! Thanks:)

Dr F.
Yoga is a way of life. I self learned from some good books, and practiced as much as I could achieve, and gradually move forward.
It gave me insight. I practiced candle meditation to turn my eyes inwards. Arthritis limited my flexibility and suppleness, but, I used YouTube to learn Yoga that doesn't entail sitting on the floor. I can barely perform some of my favourite postures. However, after overcoming the initial shock, dismay and frustration for being unable to perform a basic, such as clasping both hands at the back and stretching arms backwards, and bending forwards while doing that. It's painful to move. But, I lowered the bars, and rewarded myself, the day I was able to barely touch fingers of hands behind me! But, I was proud that I had managed that. Fabulous is good companion as it helps by reminding, and gently, pushing me forwards with all the activities.
I tried some apps for meditation, but, was disappointed as they were inadequate, and marketing gimmicks. So, it's Fabulous that has stayed with me. I forget to log my activities some days, but, my routines have become healthier and pleasurable. I am healthier, have lost a few kilograms of excess weight, am more energetic and like myself a lot more.
So, for Yoga try YouTube if you want to learn, but, stay on course by adapting to a Yoga life. More inspiration🌟 to you! All the best.🙂
Jacob Y.
I use an app called down dog…. it is very easy to use…. very informative with each pose…. and they have several apps to fit different fitness levels…. also if you pay for a year subscription, you have access to all features within the down dog apps (that's 6 apps you get full access to) I call this a win…. highly recommend 👌 👌