Where do you find good yoga programs? I can’t go to a studio (live in the middle of nowhere)

Lotte H.
I have been using youtube for a source. I watch yoga with adriana and so far I like what she has to offer. She has videos for all levels of yoga users. Otherwise there are others. The biggest thing with youtube is actually doing it daily on your own account instead of with an actual class where you have to show up. I do prefer using youtube because then I feel comfortable in my own home. I would recommend at least looking into yoga for beginners on youtube and see if you find something that works for you.
Hans Walter O.
You can find lots of videos for free on YouTube. Myself I chose to use an app, DownDog, but I pay a yearly subscription for it, which might not be ideal for everybody. I think the Nike Training app has yoga exercises, and for free.
You'll also find quiet a few app which might offer a small part of their exercises for free.
Karlee N.
I use an app called Down Dog. You can choose the type of practice you want, the length of the class, the tempo and you can boost anything you want to focus on, for example upper arm or core strength, or stretches in the lower back.
Emma Y.
There are plenty of free and paid for yoga classes online. Try a free session/trial to see if that style suits you before committing any money towards a membership.
Wolf R Diger F.
YouTube! There are so many yoga channels on there, with difficulty for every level, beginner to advanced, flexible or not. If you have YouTube premium, you can even download videos as a buffer for bad internet connections. I like Yoga with Adriene personally for workouts, and I've also heard good things about Boho Beautiful for a more advanced perspective.
Reese Q.
The only social media I have is Pinterest and it is absolutely packed FULL of different yoga ideas,routines,and practices!It is an idea oriented social media and it is so good for that kind of stuff!I would recommend listening to nature music,a meditation practice or upbeat or uplifting music while doing a yoga routine!Also Breathe is an Amazing appam
Jessica L.
Yoga International has some great programming: I highly recommend Jim Bennitt (studied with him for years) who has content there, and Tracee Stanley who I believe has content there as well. Also, YogaGlo. Both online platforms. Good luck!