Do you prefer practicing yoga in the morning or before bed?

Chloe Y.
I love doing yoga first thing in the morning. But what I love as well is getting to do it in the afternoon. It reenergises me for the rest of the day, keeps me going. But in the morning, there is nothing like a good stretch either! I prefer to do a gentle meditation at night to get ready for bed

Elif N.
mostly in the morning but sometimes i need to do before bed especially when i feel anxious and need to relax for sleeping

Bronwyn T.
I prefer to do yoga in the morning, as I feel it’s the best way to wake up the body and focus the mind on the day ahead. Yoga at night is also really nice and a good way to wind down, but for me personally, once it hits about 10pm I’m out for the night, so I rarely manage to do it before falling asleep.

Silke C.
Both. I like rising and stretching with the sun. But night time yoga in a dark room is a great way to unwind for the night

Jacob W.
Depends. Preferably both, but dont have always time to do that: getting to bed late or needing to start earlier in the morn8ng minght change my initial plan of doing yoga.