Do you prefer practicing yoga in the morning or before bed?

A N.
I haven’t practiced in the morning only at night. I do think it would be more beneficial to practice yoga in the morning so that you are awakened through the movements and getting a nice morning stretch. I think meditation is a better option for bed time because it relaxes you and allows you to wind down in case you prefer to have something to do before bed

Chloe Y.
I love doing yoga first thing in the morning. But what I love as well is getting to do it in the afternoon. It reenergises me for the rest of the day, keeps me going. But in the morning, there is nothing like a good stretch either! I prefer to do a gentle meditation at night to get ready for bed

Elif N.
mostly in the morning but sometimes i need to do before bed especially when i feel anxious and need to relax for sleeping

C Lia C.
I actually do it at both times, but I much prefer yoga before bed because it hurts to do some yoga poses when my body is all stuff, even the easy ones. At night, my body has been moving all day and it is easy to move, I'm just moving it in a new way.

Bronwyn T.
I prefer to do yoga in the morning, as I feel it’s the best way to wake up the body and focus the mind on the day ahead. Yoga at night is also really nice and a good way to wind down, but for me personally, once it hits about 10pm I’m out for the night, so I rarely manage to do it before falling asleep.

Wren U.
Personally I prefer doing it in the morning because it gets me going everyday, but if you are wondering when the best time for you to practice it is, you should think about what doing yoga at different times does for you. In the morning it's best for waking you up, in the day it's best for stretching yourself and calming. In the nught, it's best for winding you down for sleep.

Jacob W.
Depends. Preferably both, but dont have always time to do that: getting to bed late or needing to start earlier in the morn8ng minght change my initial plan of doing yoga.

Villads U.
In the morning, it wakes me up and starts my day off good. But it takes time so most time I do the yoga fast and not properly

Silke C.
Both. I like rising and stretching with the sun. But night time yoga in a dark room is a great way to unwind for the night

Elise O.
I prefer practicing yoga in the morning because it stretch week but sometimes it feels great to do it before bed, it calm me

Tony C.
I prefer practicing yoga in the morning because it’s also helps me to stretch my body and make new energy for the whole day.