How do you improve your yoga without an instructor or class? I can’t afford them.

Constance O.
Well in my opinion it’s possible to achieve you yoga goals with a lot of practice. Also make sure you do it in front of a mirror so you get happy with your own posture improvements.
Domitille N.
Same here. I use the YouTube channel from Adrienne Yoga and beyond flexibility from Karin Dimitrovova (it’s a course you have to pay once)
I see a lot of improvement, but like everything: you need to practice and do it regularly! Good luck
Erin G.
The most important thing with yoga (coming from a non-instructor) is form. If you dont have the right form you can harm yourself and not get all there is to offer out of yoga. So spend time on maybe youtube (I had a really great instructor teach me the basics, but my guess is there are some good informational videos on poses out there) researching a single pose. Set yourself into the pose and get a reading from your body on if it feels correct. Even for a modified version of the pose, get in tune with what your body is telling you. I often readjust once I am in a pose because I am still learning. Also practice makes perfect, lame but very true with yoga. Master one pose of a routine before moving forward, and be patient with your student form.
Busra N.
I'm watching Yoga With Adrienne videos in YouTube and follow her 30-day series. After a while, I've noticed how yoga helps me to maintain my other things instead of procrastinating or complaining of low energy. I'm now more relaxed and productive.
Eric F.
Using YouTube videos is a great way to follow yoga classes! My favourite is Boho Beautiful, who travel the world and are at a new location in each video! They have yoga flows, yoga workouts, yin yoga, beginner yoga, pilates and meditation, and also include some challenges in their videos too!
Karolin F.
Youtube has a lot of free yoga instructional videos for beginners. I have started with the easiest one, putting sun salutations in my morning routine and trying to build up from there
Hannah F.
I mostly use youtube for yoga videos. Just focus on where you're feeling the stretch of your muscles in each pose change and lean into it. Deep even breathing. If you're unsure if your doing certain poses correctly try doing them in front of a mirror. Repetition & Patience. BohoBeautiful on YouTube had some great stuff.
Mehak Z.
I also cannot afford them so I watch and download Baba Ram Dev yoga videos. It’s free to watch and he also tell the things in his videos for upto what time a beginner must do the workouts so the person can do the right Yoga in a proper way.