At what time do you do yoga?

Vanessa C.
It depends on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I wake up and do yoga before work, other times I do yoga before bed. When I choose the evening, I do a relaxing routine, focus upon breathing, and I meditate. In the morning I do more dynamic poses, focus on balance and movement, and I summon up some energy for the day.
Dagny O.
I work until 1 pm, so I've been doing my yoga/walking habits in the afternoon. It gives me a nice peaceful little break after my work, and before my significant other comes home from work, and the evening begins. Practically speaking, although the idea of a "right away on the morning" yoga practice appeals to me, my body is just too stiff right away, so it works better for me to use yoga as a relax/stretch opportunity after work and the more active part of my day.
Norma W.
I do yoga in the morning after I drink water & use the bathroom. After I make my bed. I do yoga before I get dressed or shower.
Holly Q.
I made a promise to myself that I can't have my coffee until after yoga. So I do it almost first thing in the morning now!