Which yoga pose works your whole body without being to difficult?

Johan E.
A couple of days but it’s different for everyone for some it will take a week and for others it will take two days but remember every time you do it you get better

Maxwell P.
Downward facing dog is good because you can start by doing it with your heels against the wall and work up your strength, extended child pose works well to gain space in the hips and relax the back and forward fold is great to lengthen and strengthen at the same time.

Loli B.
Cat-cow is always a winner. Try bringing your belly with you as you move in the pose, in and out with your breath. Breathing in should help you stretch your spine, breathing out can let you move into the next position. A short break in child‘s pose feels great after cat-cow 🐈‍⬛ 🐄 🧒

Sam F.
I've found that downward dog and warrior two are the best for full body without being too challenging. It helps with balance, a full body stretch, and an opportunity to close your eyes/ clear your mind, and breathe.

Kruti C.
I'm not sure. I like the downward facing dog the most. It someone makes me feel goood. And if you're looking for whole body yoga poses, then do sun stimulation. Surya namaskar.

Stacy S.
Downward facing dog. When you properly settle into it, it stretches, lengthens, and challenges. It is a mindful pose that relaxes and awakens.