How can I improve my flexibility?

Pink N.
By yoga exercise dance, and many other features I would love to present Fabulous Fabulous is the best community I’ve ever seen. I would love to hear your exercise tips or yoga tips. Thank you so much for for this form.
Victoria X.
I found that a 10 morning stretching can go a long run. I Practice morning yoga and I can feel my muscles being more flexible
Cha N.
You can practice yoga when you have time (every day is better 🙂 ) and stretch after waking up, it's perfect for the morning routine.
Maya N.
Try to practice yoga every morning and Practice fitness and stretching exercises and you have to eat healthy food and continue to eat healthy food
Ralph N.
Well I definitely think that doing short or long whatever your choice yoga stretches will help. You can even go into YouTube and search ," how to improve my flexibility". I'm sure a great tutorial will pop up but to me it mostly just takes time and patience.
Tarc Sio P.
Yoga is usually the best option. Aim to do it for at least half an hour each day and take protein foods beforehand. Excercise can also help but don't burn yourself out by excercising too much and causing yourself harm.
Aneta W.
I already do exercieses twoce a day and i think reduce my screen time and get more experience in yoga will improve my flexibility
Matusal M Q.
First of all is to manage the time, what is important for me to do today. If you do well Time management you save your time.
Leonhard U.
A little stretch could help . Or yoga . One of the yoga trick that you could try is the warrior pose or the mountain pose. The sphinx pose can help for the back muscle and abs .
Suzanne O.
Stretching could help to improve your flexibility but also yoga too. But you need to be careful not to push yourself too much when doing yoga and you need to start slowly for your body muscle to get used to it.
Ezoza N.
I recommend to you Anna Mcnulty’s videos from YouTube. You can enjoy and get motivated by the fun videos of her and you want to be a flexible as her. So you can easily join her stretch routines and get your flexibility faster. And Mady Morrison’s videos also good.
Te B.
Stretching will improve your baseline flexibility, but this does not count as a warm-up, so ensure your body is warmed up beforehand to prevent any injuries. I also like to do yoga, which has helped improve my flexibility. I am a professional dancer, so I need to maintain flexibility for dancing. It can also be good to start small to build on each area you wish to improve flexibility. If you can't do it today, you may be able to do it tomorrow.
Marta N.
You can improve your flexibility by streching and doing exercises. If you do that every day- you will definitely be more flexible 🙂
Lee Z.
Yoga! It has been imperative to my physical therapy for my back injury too. Asana Rebel is a good place to start. It has a range of beginner to advanced sessions. There are also many options on YouTube you can check out!