When you do yoga can you do it more than one time a day because I’ve looked at YouTube and it has it for five minute break it has for anxiety all this stuff

Sophia Q.
Yes you can! But don’t go crazy if ur not urged to it or your body will ache. I suggest using the app Yoga Daily instead of YouTube. It has really helped me.
Suly Q.
I’ve been practicing yoga twice a day both from YouTube and other apps. Yoga in the morning helps my body to awake and Yoga in the afternoon is perfect to relax after work/study.
Vana N.
I’m doing the 4 minutes ancient yoga of this app in the morning when I get up and I start my day with this. Nothing more.
Sue V.
You can do it more than one time a day but it’s recommended to start a gentle routine, preferably in the morning if you’re an early bird and a beginner. A good vinyasa flow for 30 minutes at least, will help you get going throughout the day and if you like to have another session in the evening, try a gentle yin yoga focusing more on the breathing and long stretches. No break is necessary during your routine if you just follow your breath and go on your own pace. Happy Yoga! Namaste.