How do you do yoga when your really busy

Ka Ka K.
I always do yoga first thing in the morning (ok maybe not first, but right after brushing my teeth, drinking a glass of water and meditation). When I'm busy, I simply wake up earlier. When I have time, I usually take a longer time for yoga/stretching, but even when I'm busy I always strive for at least 20 minutes every morning.
Romane Z.
There are short ones on YouTube. It is about finding and actively creating that time in the beginning. I am sure everyone has 5-10 min before going to bed. It also gives you a better night's sleep.
Christina U.
You find time. Anytime. Or you involve your busyness with you yoga for example you have alot of homework but also want to do yoga you can answer a question then hold a yoga pose for 30 secs