Are classes mandatory to be certain your making progress and doing the poses correctly?

Cathy A.
From my perception, attending classes is not necessary for being certain that progress is being made and that the poses are being formed correctly. Progress comes naturally from consistent persistent repetitive practice. You will know yourself if you have made progress or not by how the poses feel in effort and ease. Perfect form also comes from practice and will be felt in the body if it is correct or not. I’ve never attended any classes, I’ve always followed home videos and I made sure to mimic in my body what I saw from the instructor. With patience and practice the poses got easier and easier to perform and from that I knew I was making progress and doing them correctly. We don’t need validation from someone to know if we are making progress or not nor to critique if we are doing something correctly. We know ourselves by evaluating and assessing our own abilities through our own efforts.
Izzie Z.
Not mandatory but it’s certainly helpful to be able to compare body positions and, more importantly, be guided by sometimes voice to get out of yourself and become willing to fall apart!
Emma J.
It helps to avoid injury for sure. If you do your research and follow some YouTube videos you get about the same result. Just be wary of what feels right and what doesn't