What style of yoga helps you most?

Kristin T.
In the body, the relatively stiff connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia) are considered yin, while the more mobile and pliable muscles and blood are called yang. More passive asanas in yoga are considered yin, whereas the more active, dynamic asanas are described as yang (Source: Wikipedia). Yin yoga has helped me the most as I am an extreme beginner with stiff muscles and connective tissues.
Francesco C.
Vinyasa inspires my trainings. I like to combine yoga movements to build strength and obtain a full cardio-strenght training. The addition of different asana and transition allow me to work both on strength and flexibility, making me feel great through all the day.
Barbara P.
I dont know styles yet as I am new. However, I found that yoga routines that serve a purpose have been the most effective for me because I have a goal in mind. Examples include- yoga to de-stress, wind down yoga before bed, yoga for gas/constipation, etc.
Maybe someday I will know enough about uoga to be more helpful, but for now I find aligning my needs with my yoga routine really helps.
Ella G.
Since I'm doing my yoga at home I change up the kinds that I use. I have a tendency to start strong and fizzle out because I lose motivation, or I wake up tired or my muscles are stiff. So when I keep it flexible, I can use whichever kind that fits my level that day. Sometimes it's even just a 10 minute yoga flow routine, which mostly focuses on stretching.
J N.
Beginner yoga has helped me the most so far— I don’t feel pressured to be a pro and get frustrated that it doesn’t work. Plus it’s relaxing and I don’t feel tired after! 🙂