What is your most common intention when you come to the practice?

Emily B.
To turn my intentions into achievements by slowly building myself a healthy & sustainable routine; setting realistic short-term goals to achieve goals; & to strive for consistency for long-term change in my daily habits, so also in my longterm life and routines.
Alfred N.
My intention is so become a different person. I want to change myself. I want to lose weigh, stop being rude and be more productive. I know this app will help me but I just wish I get more than a week free trial as my parents won't pay for a app like this.
Franz Peter U.
My intention is to get myself on track with health.
Coming to fabulous daily has made me mire productive during the day. It has given me motivation to be active, eat healthy and get off the couch.
Evelyn Y.
To be more in control of my life and my time. I have really wasted too much time watching TV or nagging with my parents but now I have a schedule and some tasks and I try to finish them
Salih O.
To improve on my skill which eventually takes focus away from the results and makes me focus on smaller, executable steps.
S O.
To make myself properly organized, responsible,punctual and motivated all the time and FAVULOUS is helping me really to do them . Its challenges improve the zeal to go ahead and complete all my aspirations that I had when I came into practice..