I think I’m ready to progress beyond the 3 Sun Salutations that are provided here, but don’t yet want to do anything longer than 10 minutes. Do you have a recommendation for a 7 to 10 minute yoga routine? Does the Fabulous have one that I could download?

Carter J.
The Glo app is good for the more advanced stuff, but you have to pay basically right away, there isn’t much free content. The Daily Yoga app is the one i started using just to get the hang of it, you get a decent amount of starting stuff for being on for free. I would recommend doing that before financially committing to something before you’re committed to the yoga itself.
Ollie O.
I would recommend downloading an app for it. I personally use Daily Yoga which is from the Google Play store, however there are many for you to try and research. I'm not sure if there is an IOS version of it, however their selection is great as well. One tip I would recommend is to think about your breathing before undergoing the exercise, as many of the movements will occur on you inhale or exhale so it would be useful to understand your body beforehand.
Aurore O.
I dont believe I have come accross such a feature, but I myself utilize Youtube. Yoga with Adrienne is a greate place to start. She offers a variety of yoga instructionals ranging from begginer to expert level yoga. I love that they are made to fit anyone's schedule and capability.
Cassarah P.
I think you need to seek out a yoga routine that brings you the best results. Are you looking for a morning routine to waken up, have more energy? Are you looking for an afternoon routine to liven up your day, energy, fitness? There are so many questions that you need to answer first before deciding what yoga routine it best for you.

I would ask yourself these questions first:

• What time of day do I practice my yoga routinely?
• Why am I doing yoga in the first place? What is my motivation?
• What will be the end goal for doing yoga?
• What part of the body do I want to focus on for my ten minutes?

Once you narrow down precisely what you want it will be easier to find what you are looking for.

The best place I can tell you for for free yoga classes would be on YouTube. Otherwise, I would look into commuting more time to yoga and speak to a yogi. They will help guide you through routines and practices that will enlighten and ease your body. After some time you will learn to feel yoga and understand what works best for your body. Yogi don’t have to be certified but go with someone who has been taught by a great teacher. Talk to them about their lives to make sure you feel comfortable with your teacher. They are meant to be open and patient as to guide you on your journey.

This may not have been exactly the answer you were seeking but I hope it helps.

Joe F.
i can recommend th downdog Yoga App. It has a slightly different routine generated everyone and you can customise it to your likings
Violet J.
Well fabulous does have a few yoga routines that are ten minutes or under but when I do yoga I use an app called “yoga” and it has a purple background. I like the app because it has many different yoga routines that are short and some even go to 45 minutes so there is a wide verity it also shows how many calories you will burn and if the yoga is beginner intermediate or advanced.
Rachel E.
I think that ten minutes is almost cheating yourself in a way. But if you are determined to just do a small amount try to really focus on the form of every position as your flowing. Really try to make sure your hands and wrists are strong and elbows are over the wrists and the shoulders are on top of that etc. Really focus on body cues as well. Create a strong body mind connection within those ten mins. Hopefully achieving more of that will push you to expand to more than ten mins of practice