If you have kids, how do you stay calm during your yoga practice and still get the most out of it? When doing yoga without them isn’t possible.

Mechelle Y.
It is hard, honestly. They’re either shouting, jumping, or crawling all over you while you’re in the middle of practice, and sometimes as parents, we don’t always want to shove a tablet in their face. What I find that helps me in that situation, is asking my toddler to join my yoga session. I usually keep them short (between 10-15 minutes), so it leaves little room for her to get distraction, but even when she does, I usually pull her back with a gentle tone (and we even laugh a bit in between/during poses), I guide her through it the breath work, poses, etc. If your kids don't want to join in, try to give them another activity to do. Maybe ask them to draw mommy/daddy a picture (be specific, say things like "Would you like to draw mommy/daddy a cat, or house, or flower?"). This usually helps me with getting through my short yoga session without interruptions . Some of the time.
Christina U.
You should find a space weather it's your bedroom or a workout room where you can take some time alone. If that's not possible then try involving your children in your yoga if they are old enough.
Sergio T.
I’m not a parent, but I would recommend giving them something like some candy, or let them watch a show. Other than that, I dunno how to help you.