Do I have to concentrate when I do Yoga? Like I am mediating?

Sara F.
I feel like the practice is more effective and peaceful when you do. I normally just concentrate on my breath and make sure my movements match the breaths. It helps me count out how long to hold positions and get deeper into them. It also helps me focus more on what my body is feeling and doing, allowing me to make adjustments as needed.

Elif N.
well.. yea kinda.. but i believe it's subjective. I feel better if i concentrate to my breath while I'm doing yoga. so if someone don't feel like this it's okay too

Jasmina I.
What is concentration in meditation? Follow the moves in yoga as best as you can, try not to dwell on other thoughts while doing yoga poses. If that is concentration, then answer is yes.

Felicia U.
Not exactly, you might need to learn the yoga stretches for a while, but then once you get the hang out it it'll go smoothly and then you might meditate or say affirmations