How long is a good session?

Amy Y.
A good yoga session is 20 minutes to one hour. If I have high energy after 20 minutes then I will repeat the session, especially if there are moves I want to practice. Sometimes I try out a new routine. If I’m feeling strong at the start I go for 60 or 90 minutes, I find the longer programs are interesting enough to keep focused and if a pose is troublesome I’m able to watch the video knowing that I can study the move and still get a good long workout in.

Martha C.
I do not know what you mean by a session because you didn’t explain I get if this was a accident but if you did try to give a question then please explain with better context.

Emi Z.
Depends on what your feeling, sometimes when I wake up I love to do a really long workout and yoga session but sometimes I just do 1min wake up exercise and 4 min yoga so for me it depends on what your are feeling that day

If you see this I hope your happy and healthy and that your day is beautiful,, you are loved xx

Oliver Y.
I say for a full session of your morning or evening routine should be 20 or more minutes equal to everything in each routine but time vary from what you do in your routine