What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Lea U.
Savashana 🙂 Savasana (Corpse Pose) has been called the most difficult of the asanas. Indeed, many yoga students who can happily balance, bend, and twist through the rest of class struggle with just lying on the floor. The reason is that the art of relaxation is harder than it looks. I love this pose because it forces me to take time to really truly breathe and relax and just BE. I love to finish off my yoga practices with it and think it sets a beautiful intention for the day.
Nathan F.
My favorite yoga pose has got to be cat and cow because I feel like I just focus on breathing and it feels really nice on my back. It's good to just do a small morning yoga to start your day, very refreshing and awakening.
Hannah O.
tree pose, because i can focus on anchoring myself to the ground, as well as my breathing, therefore anchoring within myself as well
Mary C.
For me its either the child's pose, the plank, or sphinx pose, all for different reasons. First of all, child's pose is so comfy and warm, it's like a hug from myself kinda, the plank pose makes me feel super powerful and aware of myself, and the sphinx pose is so unique mainly because you may seem like you're resting when I'm realty you want this to end because you're trembling. Idk how to explain it, but I love that. I love all these poses and it's hard for me to choose between them, although I love any yoga pose tbh lmao
Sara N.
I really like just the simple ones, like the supine stretch, where you just lie down. It’s relaxing and easy and a good break in the workout.