How do you do yoga when you are sick

Silo N.
When I’m sick I still try to do some yoga. Most of the time I just have a stuffy nose and that can get in the way because it makes it harder for me to breath, and when I bend over my nose drips like crazy. So I always make sure I blow my nose really well before doing yoga and having peppermint essential oil going helps to open my nose.

Edgar T.
I just search yoga when you sick on YouTube and it gives me a bunch of low intensity yoga lessons with a lot of breathing exercises. But usually when I’m sick I don’t exercise and just rest to give my body space to heal.

Mia Z.
I don’t – I lay in bed and sleep, however when my stomach hurts I curl up into a ball or child’s pose if u would like to call it, I also elevate my feet

Nina M.
Look up yoga for when you are sick. they could be lying or sitting positions. you could take it easy and focus on slow stretching with a lot of deep breath work.

Shahd V.
My back was hurting the three days before and I did yoga and stretching with this hurt cause these two is important and in my routines

Kayhlah B.
I simply googled this, there is the youtube video on things to do when you are sick. I don't know if this will be much help, but look up "Yoga For When You Are Sick" and it should pull up a video by a person named Adriene.