What is the best way to ease into yoga when you have been a couch potato and lost flexibility?

Vima I.
I have definitely be a couch potato for a longtime and I'm completely stiff. The best way for me is to start easy, basic movements to get into it and I try to be more flexible day after day
Glenda U.
Start with yoga sessions at home, streaming from YouTube. Start with beginners sessions, lits of stretching, breathing and meditating.
Math O E.
You should start small, simpler stretches and positions. Also doing yoga everyday will help you regain flexibility. Doing yoga twice a day in the morning and at night will help you ease into it! Hope this helps! 🙂
Zo Z.
The two minute rule. Tell yourself you’re going to breathe and stretch for two minutes. Limit yourself to good posture and relaxed deep breathing. After these two minutes of sitting in this posture and breathing you will naturally one to stretch your arms and your torso. Stand up raise both arms up, and tilt your torso to the left. Inhale back to center,Exhale lower your body to the right. Contemplate your body and your breath. And congratulate yourself for taking a short break.
Stephanie G.
Do beginner poses and use props like blocks, straps, blankets or towels. Do shortened practices if self-guided and work your way up.
Teryn L.
The best way I found is to instead of sitting on the couch move to the floor while you’re watching tv and Stretch your back and try reaching for your toes
Elisa E.
There are a large number of Yoga for beginners videos on YouTube. You can play around with the instructors until you find one you can relate to.