What makes a good yoga teacher? Do you look for same things when searching videos on youtube as you would in person?

Heather C.
I believe what makes a good teacher in general is just about great people who are great at connecting with intention that can wake the student up from the mitote/maya (foggy brain) to the experience at hand. And yes, I do look for this on the internet by the way a video is described or how the instructors voice made me feel. There are so many little things that attract us to the bigger idea. One of my very best instructors was a hot vinyasa instructor and on a whim at the end decided to add a true group meditation session and went around with oil on center pressure points on each person. The room was still hot and we had incense burning. This was a far out idea to me 4-5 years ago. It was the very first time I was introduced to meditation. It was still a year or two before I got this app and began my meditation practice regularly but she opened the door for me to see the possibilities!
Gilly N.
Zen voice, explains the poses and if need be describes how they help the body, how to get in and out of the poses and what to do if the pose is too advanced, and finally is encouraging to the student.
Вероника Стефанова N.
A good yoga teacher make People that never training yoga – to machines. I mean i don't loved yoga but since i download this app i love it. And i don't search Internet videos.
Elizabeth S.
First of all, a good yoga teacher is patient and compassionate and treats you with respect, no matter your level of skill or ability. Beyond that, the best teacher for you will be the one whose style of teaching resonates with you. This is true regardless of whether they are teaching in person or on video.
Kritika Q.
I challenge my self for 30 days yoga but last time I can't do this and I want to complete this challenge. So any advise for this.
Su F.
Yes, i do. I search for someone reliable, who'll accompany me through the journey of discovering my body and it's limits. Someone who'll support me by showing me the way to move mindfully and breathe mindfully so that i give my body the tools it needs to relax, stretch and grow stronger. Someone i feel comfortable with but that challenges me to try be uncomfortable in the mat too. Someone who i resonate with and who seems like a good thoughtful human.
Reece E.
In person I’m more concerned with the space than the teacher, I look for a clean and calming environment. In general though, I think a calming demeanour is most important. Online, I find that silent videos are most helpful since they allow for meditation and personal reflection
Gene Y.
I look for someone who can talk and explain very well. So i can just close my eyes and do as the teacher instructs me. Opening my eyes and looking at the screen takes me out of the flow. But yeah sometimes you gotta look if it's a new pose or something.
Bahar L.
A yoga teacher should be able to understand what the person could go through while doing the yoga. Like; I could be feeling tense while doing a pose, the yoga teacher should see what the problem is and look for an other pose for me to do personally. Another thing could be doing poses on specific points on the body.
Mini X.
I would look for someone who could relate to me. I'm not a fan of exercising so if someone can make it fun, then I'll pick them as my yoga instructor. Similarly, when searching on YouTube I like following creators who make beginner-friendly content.