Yes what kind of yoga poses is best for belly fat can u suggest 10 poses

N Sio A.
Cat cow
Warrior 1
Downward dog
Sun salutation

Taking it slow and strengthening those muscles a little each day is the best!

Loren X.
You know after now starting yoga i tthink thats a myth. And honestly the best way to lose weight or fat is diet and working on your whole body. Try the 30 Days Home on Youtube by Yoga with Adriene i really love it
Julie C.
Well, I’d suggest *plank* for starters. Any variation on that works.

Some other poses you could try for core strength (or belly fat specifically) are:

– Bow pose
– Bridge pose
– Plow pose
– Shoulder stand
– Knee to nose
– Baby crow
– Fish pose (legs up).