When’s your favorite time to do yoga?

Ann Z.
Right after getting up in the morning, before breakfast. I sometimes eat a banana before yoga if I think I might need it, but then I wait a half hour before my practice
Arthur B.
I really like to do yoga in the morning after doing some stuff and in the garden out side under the sun light and refreshing air. And I also like to do it at evenings or in sunset or before go to sleep. Yoga is something really amazing that available to do all the day anytime
Isaura Q.
The best time to do yoga for me is in the morning, in the exact middle between breakfast and lunch, so it's more likely for me to do it because it's early, I'm still full of energy and not tired enough to say a no using tiredness as an excuse.
Faiza V.
Morning! If I can be up jusssst before sunrise then amaaazing but usually its 730am…. I also do a few stretches in bed to help me relax and sleep better. But it doesn't matter… use whatever time you find in your schedule… the focus is on increasing strength and flexibility…. I won't even say where ever you are most energized… cos I am a night owl but doing yoga in the morning wakes me up… otherwise I'm not a morning person. I just kept at it… lost the routine in between then jumped back and after an year the above is what I figured out about ME. and that's the main point… its about YOU! Don't be pressurised but those insta pics and videos! They are made with the intention to be attractive. You do you!
Brittany O.
First thing in the morning. It really helps to wake up my body and help me feel connected with myself. I also enjoy yoga at sunset – outdoors.
Erin F.
I like to do yoga right away in the morning to energize me for my day. However, it can also be nice to do yoga outside in the afternoon sun ☀️
Carolina U.
It will be either sunrise or sunset. I usually prefer to do suryanamaskar along with other yoga asana and find it quite more effective. I prefer evening i. e. While sunset bcoz i am not an early bird so it's convenient.
Radim E.
Starting days with yoga Will start your body and mind for upcomming day. Ending day with slow relaxing flow will reduce stress for sweet dreams.
Chauncey N.
My yoga practice is slowly growing – I usually enjoy doing stretching in the morning and because I love to be tender in the nighttime, I’m going to be more intentional about doing it at night before bed. Mostly I feel self-conscious about how to move my body so I’m taking my yoga practice gently and steadily as I go along