How do you create a space to practice yoga

Rh P.
I reorganized a room with floor long and wide enough for me to lie down and stretch. I also moved a large mirror and placed it against the wall so that I can see my posture while practicing. I clean the floor every day to feel comfortable when lying down.
Elias W.
I’d recommend starting by getting a yoga mat. Pick something out in your favorite color or with an interesting design on it so it’s fun to use. Then clear yourself a space—mine is in my bedroom, close enough to my bed that if I’m trying a new pose that might make me lose balance I can catch myself on the be, but far enough that I have plenty of room. I also like to have either essential oils diffusing or my wax warmer on so that it smells nice while I’m doing yoga. You may also want to pick a spot in your house with a nice view out a window. The possibilities are endless!
Delfino C.
i bought myself a yoga mat, and i have it laid out in my room 24/7. i follow videos on youtube with soothing music and make sure i’ll have no distractions such as turning the tv off. i also like to have warm lighting in my room, and nothing too bright. enjoy your practice, namaste