Are your wrists really going to be okay after this?

In S Y.
My wrists are going to be just fine because I've had an everyday yoga practice for about five years now! But for someone who is new to yoga, it does take a while to build up wrist strength. When your wrists start too hurt in positions like all fours, make sure to rest and rotate then, and there's always the option of going onto fists which takes away some of the pressure.
Bahar L.
If this is about yoga; it actually gets the wrists much stronger. If your wrists are hurting, i reccommend trying engaging your core more and not giving your weight to your arms and neck. If that doesn't work for you, it might be about writing/typing too much and you got two choices: going to a doctor or massaging your wrists
Lori T.
I’m not for sure what you mean by this, but my wrists are perfectly fine. I have been on my journey not too long now and so far my wrists are doing just fine. So yes, your wrists are going to be okay.
Bibiana N.
I’m sorry I do not understand what your question is referring to or the context. Please se me know so I can respond. Thank you