How long after starting to practice yoga daily/regularly didn’t you start to notice changes in your health, posture, flexibility or mood?

Ilona O.
Practising yoga daily helps my mood immediately. I always feel good after morning yoga and it helps me focus on the good of things get tough later on in the day. Flexibility also improved pretty quickly, within a week.
Marie P.
Didn’t ? Or did? I noticed changes within only a few days! First are muscular and flexibility. Health and mental changes take a little longer though
Tomas G.
I notice an improvement in mood right away due to the endorphins! It took between a week to a month for the other benifits. Working with your breathing seems to help it progress more noticeably
Charlotte F.
Pretty much from the first time I did yoga a few hours after waking up I felt to much calmer and level headed about the day. This was immediately apparent it was only when I missed a yoga session that when I did one the next day I realised how much better I felt about the day ahead then I did yesterday.