Do you meditate during yoga session? Is it posible?

Leanna N.
Hello! Yes, I believe so. I’m very new to yoga and meditation but both from what I’ve seen and read focus on breath work and getting out of the head/into the body. I think I’m think they are both practices or disciplines to help you focus on “getting out of the head” and into the body. It may good to practice both of them separately a few times to get a feel of it. The Fabulous app has several great resources for both I believe. From what I’ve seen, yoga has focused on placing breath with movements or poses. And meditation uses focusing on breaths to center the mind and direct attention away from thoughts. I hope this helps!
Michelle O.
Yes! That's what it's all about, especially holding difficult poses for longer and sticking it out by concentrating on the breath. I have learned alot about myself on the yoga mat, how I tend to run away from challenges a little prematurely! It's helped me grow in my stick ability. Also about my impatience! Continually going back to the breath and syncing breath to movement is another type of meditation! All the best 😀
Alberte Z.
It is possible. Focusing on your breathing is part of meditation. Allowing yourself to hear your feelings in your head with out letting them derail or distract you from what your doing is the basics of meditation. Many guided yoga sessions a minute at the end for quite meditation.
Fatine N.
I don’t actively meditate. I just synchronize my breathing with my movements. It helps me relax mentally and physically immediately.
Viola J.
Yes! Many people only think of asana, or posture, when they think of yoga but yoga has 8 limbs and meditation is another one of them. I like to start with a 5 minute meditation before I move my body into Asana. This can be as simple as following my breath in and out or concentrating on a question or mantra. While moving my body or holding a posture in Asana, i work to move my body with my breath following my inhales and exhales. This is my favorite form of meditation.