Do you guys have other apps for yoga or do you use Fabulous for it?

Amy O.
For my usual daily stuff I use the fabulous app. You can find lots of stuff on YouTube, and occasionally I’ll do somebody of the poses I learned back in my obsessive Wii fit days
Rh P.
I use 3 yoga apps. Down dog , which is free till May 1 due to the coronavirus outbreak, daily yoga and keep yoga. All very good.

I like Down Dog the best because I can choose from 11 different yoga types from very gentle to very aggressive, 5 different paces, and I can program the time duration, voice instructors, music, etc.

Christine G.
I also use Down Dog apps for yoga and fitness. The Fabulous yoga sessions are a great place to start, and Down Dog is perfect for when you're ready for more options and more advanced sessions. Now is a good time to try it, because the full subscription version of Down Dog is free until May 1!
Hannah R.
I use a YouTube series called Yoga with Adrienne. If you go to her website she makes monthly calendars with a theme that you can reference and print. She has a variety of practices from short 15 minute segments to full 50 minute practices.
Victoria Y.
Yes i do i either look it up on YouTube or use an app called workout for woman or I look up yoga poses Andy create my own yoga poses