When is the best time for a yoga practice?

Keira F.
I do yoga at night before I go to bed since it's the only free time I have. Though early morning works well, I'm still trying to fit it in my routine.

Jasmine N.
I feel like right after work. I get to release a lot of the stress I have built up during the day. It is a good way to unwind.

Kremena Z.
the best time for a yoga practice is in the morning or in the evening, i’ve done it only in the morning and it’s really good for exercising your both and making it wake up

Hans Erich F.
All the time!! Yoga is more about making a choice to nurture yourself, and to put ones priority first, and I find dedicating myself to yoga practice every day is the best way I can nurture myself 🌟

Brittany C.
I always try to practice at least once a day at night to wind down, but I also very much love doing yoga in the morning. To more easily integrate yoga into your daily routine I suggest trying a bedtime yoga for a week and then move into trying a more high intensity yoga in the morning.

Tyrone Z.
The best time for a Yoga practice is when you have not eaten in at least 2 hours, you are clean and have cleared your space. I sometimes even practice late at night if that is the only time I can fit it in. I sometimes think I will practice before I have a meal and this feels good for me.

Ron O.
A best time for yoga practice is when you have nothing to do for a long period of time that you just end up bored so instead of doing nothing try doing some yoga instead

Louna E.
Before breakfast, when you've just gotten out of bed, visited the bathroom, and have had a glass of water. Doing this in this order allows you to feel more at ease and less rushed.

Gilly N.
Whenever you have time. I work full time and not from home so my only free time is in the evening. I do my skincare routine then yoga so afterwords I can relax in bed.

Sander Z.
I prefer doing yoga in the morning as it helps waken my body and calm my mind preparing for a good day ahead. I had tried other times, but I ended up being lazy/occupied and pushed it to the bottom of my to-do list.

Storm Z.
That is so schedule dependent! I don’t always have time in my day to practice yoga, but I tend to include mine in my afternoon routine, typically around 1 or 2. Many people like to do yoga in the morning! Try morning, afternoon, and evening and determine what works best for you:)