What are the benefits of yoga?

Megan E.
Yoga is great for maintaining good mobility. It improves flexibility and strength, but also is a good form of meditation as it encourages you to focus on the breath
Tonya B.
Yoga stretches out tour muscles releasing tension(that can really effect you in ways you don’t realize), help with flexibility, and there is some science that shows it helps build bone density(plan for the future I always say). Plus it’s a simple way to bond with your family.
Loulou J.
Yoga is a great way to help manage my digestive issues. It helps stretch the stomach muscles and bowls which helps with the flow of digestion. Yoga is also an incredible way to connect with your mind and relieve all your stress.
Lucia T.
For me it does wonders to my back. Also emotionally it is helping me a lot. Healing many wounds I didn’t know were still bleeding.