How long do you do yoga?

Hans W.
I usually only do yoga for about 30-45 once a week. I would imagine that you probably need it more than once a week but I figure that doing something is better than nothing!
Shapla X.
I have started doing morning yoga with Kassandra on YouTube. The classes are 10 minutes long for people who are trying to build consistency in their life.
Harry O.
I've just started it so it takes me longer to get into the correct poses 😅 I'd say 20 to 30 mins with lots of small breaks – I do it for the relaxing effects
Brittany O.
Normally I do 20 minute practices. I'm newer to the practice so I find it easier and more doable to commit to 20 minutes. I will sometimes add a 40 minute practice in but usually dont go longer than that.
Felix E.
As little as a 3-5 min sun salutations repetition or a full instructor led hour course. Whatever I want or need for the day
Judith Z.
It varies between 20 – 45 mins. I can really recommend Yoga with Adriene – she posts free yoga sessions every day as part of a monhly calendar. These can be downloaded to keep track and all videos are available on you tube. All you need is a yoga mat. On my 19 day strike already and love it!
Ruben P.
I listen to my body and do as many moves as I can remember and in the places I feel tense. I try to get three whole sun salutations in if I’m feeling strong. The nice part about doing it alone is pacing myself the way my body is asking. Yoga is a way to tune in. Listen to your body.