What are some flows I could practice at home? I can do poses but have a hard time connecting them. I’m at an intermediate level. Thanks!

Jennifer A.
A very good app I can recommend is DownDog, it's actually free during the lockdown (and until 1st of May). I'd try to practice with that as I find it myself really nice.
Potira T.
I am beginner myself and selfthought also, so my advice might not be suitable, but I'm doing Surya namaskara A and B sequences of Astanga yoga (which are first two sequences and most basic ones), and have no problem connecting poses into a flow, it just comes quite naturaly. Important thing to remember is that you breath in whenever making moves oposite of force of gravity (so moving upwards) and breathing out when moving in accordance with force of gravity (moving downwards). I think you should begin slowely by doing what you can and slowly progress towards more complicated poses and sequences in accordance with your fittnes.
P.S. you can find images on google of whole process pose by pose. Good Luck!