What is the good time in the day to yoga

Kader T.
There is more than one. If you want to make your mind open and clear for the rest of the day obviously the right choice would be the time you wake up. But every time you feel lazy you can do some breathing and flexibility exercises. Sometimes I feel stressful and I can't fall asleep at that time I again do Yoga. There is no perfect time and rhythm. The purpose of yoga feels good as you are and as you want. Do not worry about good time find your perfect time!
Timothy I.
I usually do my yoga about 2-3pm I just find it works with my schedule and gives me time to digest after lunch and this is usually the time I have the most time to myself. Whenever you have the most time to yourself with no distractions I would say. Put on some soothing music and do some soft flow yoga or you can put on a youtube video of yoga and follow them 🥰 the best time to do yoga is whenever you feel motivated and it feels right for you!
Rog Lio Z.
The morning is the best time, as soon as I finish stretching and meditating. I do this in my bedroom, so before I face my day, I stay in my sanctuary and take care of my practice – my body is my temple, and I will honor it.