Do you prefer attending a class or doing home practice along to a video?

Ga L W.
Honestly I’ve never attended a class and instead do it at home without a video (most of the time). As a socially anxious person I find doing it alone more relaxing. My mum attends a yoga class and has been for several years so she taught me most of the moves I know and I will occasionally do it with her.
Tito Y.
If it's something like yoga then I'd much prefer doing it at home on my own. But you cant beat doing an intense workout with the help of other people to push through that wall.
Mary X.
Hi! Is this about yoga practice? I honestly really like both. I do my own practice in the morning and go to a class 2-3 times a week. I don't use videos any more though, as I have my own sequence I've developed to follow. I use a mix of the 5 Tibetan Rites and a Sun Salutation. My own practice allows me to prioritize my own preferences and to keep a daily habit. But I often don't go longer than 20 minutes on my own. The class gives me an hour to prioritize yoga. While on my own I do try to incorporate my spirituality, I find that I connect deeper to the meditative aspect of yoga when in a class. On my own, it feels more like exercise. I also like how a class gives me the opportunity to use materials I don't have at home, like foam rollers and blocks.
Michelle O.
I practice home along a video. I used to attend a class as well, but when I practice at home it's better for me to plan my day and find the time for yoga,so it's easier to stick to the practice.