Do you like doing yoga

M Line Q.
Yes, I like it. Every morning starts with yoga fills up my confidence and makes me happy. It also good at body shaping too.
Sarah O.
Of course.And actually I love yoga cause it doesn't only help in being mentally and physically fit but also lead us to a better version of ourselves with an outstanding personality.If someone is ignoring yoga then the one is losing Trillions every single second.
Silje P.
I love it! Aside from the fact that I find it helps clear my head it’s a great strength builder and I’m in a lot better shape because of it. I’m also so much more flexible and find I have less tension in my neck back and shoulders. It also is great for form in different positions that are common for working out so it helps you do a better workout that won’t cause pain
Laura O.
The answer is yes and no. I just started with some basic positions and they are difficult. However, I really do feel amazing when I ask done with the set of positions. So….like I said, yes and no.