What time of day do you find is best to do yoga? Are there any other habits you incorporate with your practice, like deep breathing or meditation?

Mathilde N.
Hello ! I love doing yoga first thing in the morning, after having drink a big glass of water. It helps waking your body up and getting energized before starting your day ! Meditation and deep breathing go hand in hand with yoga practice. Finishing your session with a 5/10 min of meditation is ideal !
Paige F.
I find the best time of day to do yoga is anytime. The morning can be a good way to get you moving and unstiff after a night of sleep. The afternoon is a way to remind yourself of your goals during the day that maybe when you’re feeling a little less motivated then you can feel more motivated and get back to work. The evening is a time to relax before bed and yoga helps with that. The best time for me is whenever I want to do it. I don’t incorporate any other habits right now however it’s all to do with how you’d like your yoga session.