Which meditation do you prefer

Alyse O.
Ive been surprised how much i have enjoyed unguided meditation. Commiting to it every day has been really good and helped me to feel like ive seen a little bit of progress. I like guided as well but i dont like to listen to them more than a couple of times. I dobt liketo be able to anticipate what theyre about to say as it takes me out of the meditation. Meditation feels like a brain cleanse and reset. Its made a big difference to my life
Param O.
I have been meditating for about 1.5 years and follow guided meditations. You can start off with guided sessions and move on to unguided ones over time. I use Headspace app for it. Super helpful.
Carine S.
Guiding meditation is better for me because it helps my thought to come back to the centre of my mind and keep me focused on meditation
Delores U.
I did guided meditation for about a year until I felt comfortable visualizing on my own. Then I started tailoring my meditations to what I need at the moment. Sometimes I'll listen to music on YouTube.
Caitlin R.
I prefer simple meditations – it’s almost easier for me to not have extra things to focus on, since I find slowing my brain down to be SUPER hard! Just trying to refocus on my breath is a full time job 🙂
Hilary T.
I have ADD so I prefer guided meditation. I use an app called Let's Meditate and found my favorite meditation to help me go to sleep. I also keep a pictural journal. I've tried writing a journal but hated it (but I do like to write novellas, short stories and scripts) but I started doing the grateful journaling and just write down the things that made me happy and draw a picture of my day.