Why is meditation important for you?

Francisco S.
Meditation is important for me because it slows my brain, body and soul down; it allows me to focus on my breathing and rest my mind. It is not easy, but I love how it makes me feel afterwards. I am less reactive and more reflective.
Walter J.
Meditation is important to me because it allows me to quiet my mind during the day. Which tends to be filled with many obligations to others due to work as well as personal relationships. Where I can remember to be present in my life and not be a passive spectator to the going one on a day to day basis.
Alison E.
Hi, thanks. Meditation became gradually important for me. It was one year and about month ago that I started. First it was sort of a “glorified me hour” in the day, which later became twice a day, and then very luckily three times a day. And then I started feeling that I had been hungry to thirsty for it in my life for a very long time. So it really became an indispensable part of my daily life. I believe I’m able to question myself and my thoughts better after trying my best not to think but just to listen to my breathing during meditation. Needless to say it also calms me. It’s sort of a ritual at the beginning and end of day. I wonder how I’ll answer this question in a year. Thanks!
Hans Ulrich Z.
To calm down in mind and body and to root myself in the present moment in order to gain clarity and to allow actual feelings that are not numbed through my tiredness or thoughts.
Selma W.
It gives me focus and calm and reduces anxiety. Focusing on metta each day helps me to spread loving kindness with myself first, and then share it. An empath told me I have good, beautiful energy so she knew she could speak to me. The metta gives me without thinking about it the ability to help myself and others relax and feel loving kindness and compassion in a clear and positive manner. That's why I meditate.

Also, it lowers anger and frustration so I remain calmer when something negative happens. As a character in the story "Wonder" stated, why worry about the future when we are in the present and the bad things you worry about are not happening now." Not an exact quote, but it is something I'm working on with mindfulness meditation and focusing on the present. You do not ignore problems, but deal with them taking one small step if it's overwhelming. Like Lao Tzu said, A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Even a small step makes a difference. Don't be overwhelmed. Meditation helps you be calm and focused and reduces the feelings of being overwhelmed and gives you the ability to take one small step towards things you can deal with.

And with loving kindness, you can soothe yourself and others to make the journey.

Nolan Z.
It helps me be connected to both my mind and body. It is an opportunity to check in with myself and my needs. I enjoy the mental break and reset.
Iracilda B.
It helps me to get rid of distractions and all those thoughts appearing while I try to focus on something. It also gives me an opportunity to reflect on what I do and what I am. I meditate to calm down, to take my time making wise choices.
Rom O Z.
It gives me a gentle awareness of the reality of the present moment instead of being preoccupied by the false creations of my mind/worries/escapist fantasies
Emily G.
It gives me a chance to relax and reflect on the changes I’m working towards. Every day is so busy and meditation gives me those few moments a day to just chill.
Harvey Z.
To help clear my mind I have a hard time of not stressing out and it interferes with my sleep and meditation helps calm me and clear my mind
Alexander E.
Meditation sets my intention for the day. It takes away any type of past resentment experience that I have had and set to decide so I can experience a new day in a new light. Meditation is so beautiful for me
Alessandra I.
Declutter my mind,makes everything clearer and then releases stress and pressure in my head and body. It just works even after only 5 min