How has meditation helped you?

Ma Ly A.
I sleep better when I’ve meditated. I am more calm and considered in my actions and I have been able to take critical steps toward achieving important goals after having space to consider my options.
Owen E.
I wouldn't say it has helped yet. I know I feel better after I meditate but I just cant get in a routine to do it. There never seems to be a time when there is quiet in the house and nobody is going to walk in on me.
Dina C.
Meditation has allowed me to have quiet time to myself to focus to clear my head and I feel that I am being trained to be able to do this on command.
Homero N.
It Made me more resilient and a bettered ability to handle my emotions. I also learned that happy or sad, are both good feelings and one is not better than the other, because They are feelings and feeling s are human
Jerry O.
It has given me space. I can describe it as time. I used to be a very reactive person. If something made me mad, I was MAD right away. After meditating about 4 days a week for about ten-15 minutes each day for about a year, when something made me mad ( I honestly cant even describe me as being mad I'm so much more chilled out) I would have about a split second in which I could choose to be MAD, or choose to recognize what happened, realized it has already happened and let go if the situation. All in all, meditation have me one more second to see things logically.
Peter Z.
Meditation has helped me focus on my thoughts. I could see all my positive and negative thoughts that's going on in my head. Then I could actually filter my negative thoughts and shift my thoughts. It was refreshing to do some affirmation during the meditation.
Franclim N.
Meditation is the bestest. It calms me down when I am a negative mental state. It helps me to enjoy the present more. But best of all, it helps me to be there more for others and to be more compassionate.
L Onard Y.
I have been able to have a better day and better sleep and I have learned to pay attention to my senses and stay in the now, not the when, where and why.
Seleso Q.
It has helped me to be aware of my behaviour, habits, and thoughts. It has also allowed me to be more present in my daily life.
Claudia P.
It focused me into myself.
Focused me to the quite, strong, whole side of my inner being.
Some would say focused me to the creator in me, other would say it took me out of myself.
Can we? Can we really get out of us?
Marjan C.
Meditation creates space, silence where I can listen and watch thoughts going by ad decide not to be them. It is the only way to rest the mind
Tony G.
Meditation has helped me focus on the present instead of worrying about the future all the time. It helps me relax and decompress. I can sleep better when I meditate before bed.
Samantha C.
Meditation has been a ritual before Fabulous, but is more consistent with the program. It has changed my life significantly and has helped me become less reactive to life's situations.
Ily S W.
Thanks to mindfulness I am able to enjoy food more. To enjoy other physical sensations. I am able to manage my feeling better and to stop to think when I am doing a bad habit I am trying to eliminate.
Dhruva Q.
Meditation has helped me to calm down, to focus on what is most important in a world of many distractions. It has helped me to worry less and focus more on taking steps to improve my situation rather than continuously worrying about it.
Joan F.
Meditation has taught me on how to reflect on my day, my actions and my motives. It starts and ends my days with a relaxed mind
Gustav Z.
GIves me energy and a believe in my self. It gives me a smile while I’m meditating. It gives me awareness and calms me down. Clears my head and make reflect. I’m positive after meditation and fell I just did something for myself.
Erc Lia Q.
I’m still pretty new to meditating consistently, I have trouble focusing, however it does seem to relax me more and take down my anxiety a notch or two. I am hoping for added benefit as I get better at it.
Sarah J.
It's a really good question and one that requires a bit of thought and honest reflection – on balance I think yes – overall I have longer periods of calmness during the day. Also, I have learned to instantly calm myself – the problem is you have to remember to do it when wound up or irritated! I've also taught myself to meditate when walking which is useful between meetings, etc. And I am more conscious of being 'in the moment'. So overall yes – but you have to do it almost every day for at least a short period and for quite a while before you will notice much – resilience is important here!
Nathan F.
I fine meditation helps me in three ways.

One. Mindfulness. Meditation breaks my thoughts and brings me back to the simple act of breathing.

Two. Relaxing and refreshed after I meditate.

Three. Goal setting. After I finish meditating I check my goals and reset myself to go after my goal.

Hope this helped.


Harm X.
Meditation has helped me fo us mentally, and to be more aware during the day. I find myself conscious of textures, scented and sounds which have always been there, but if which I had been unaware. Meditation has also helped with my blood pressure.
Billy N.
So far I see a little change in my behavior – signs of something like ADD are lesser, or at least now I can notice the moments when I want to drop my task unfinished running to the next one – so, now I am managing better to stick to whatever I am doing and actually enjoying it instead of being anxious
Igor Q.
Meditation helps me calm my mind and come back to me. It’s such a busy world out there, but when I take 5 minutes to go within and focus on my breath and my heart beat, it reminds me of what really matters. It reminds me that I’m alive and to be grateful.
Alyssa A.
Meditation has helped me focus more. I try to do it everyday before studying because it helps my mind get rid of useless thoughts and keeps it fresh and open so I can easily let new knowledge in.
Julie P.
It has created more stillness in me and me. It’s given me the ability to do nothing and be okay with it. To even feel holy 😉
Esther P.
Meditation has helped me be more aware that the source of my emotions are my own thoughts, more aware of the thoughts that create certain emotions and less affected by the emotions themselves. I used to get caught up in emotions and they would dictate my behaviour and mood, sometimes negatively. Now I just note the emotion and the thinking that created it and I let the thoughts go if they are unhelpful thoughts about the past or the future or if I am frustrated at not being able to control the current situation. I bring my mind back to the present moment, calm it down and try to understand and feel compassion for other people, who are probably going through the same emotional turmoil. That allows me to react and behave in a positive and constructive way, which helps me and others feel good and enjoy life more. I can do this much more easily since I started a regular meditation practice and the more I meditate the easier it becomes. I don’t yet have the habit of daily meditation but I’m working on it and Fabulous is definitely helping.