What do you feel during and after meditation?

Victor A.
During and just after meditation I feel a distinct sense of pleasure all through the body and joy in the mind. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two for some reason. During meditation, I feel a sense of integrity, as if I’m doing something consistent with my values, without conflict.

Jason N.
When I start meditation I am usually nervous, everythnig bothers me amd I am uncomfortable. Then I start to feel calm and seren. At the end I am either sleepy or energized, depends on the level of physical fatigue. I also cease to feel emty and I feel everything has fallen into place. I use fabulous guided meditation and yoga nidra. It helps to do some streching beforehand.

Ang Le Z.
Usually a sense of stillness, peace and release of tension. I feel refreshed, that I have centered myself with my Creator and know that I am loved.

Ann P.
During meditation I am trying to focus on the message. Then I get distracted & try to return to being present. After I feel a sense of accomplishment and peace.

Heinz G Nther Z.
After successful meditation session, especially if it is an 18 to 20 minute session, but even a 10 minute session, I feel energized.

In the past, and again more recently because I am trying again to establish a routine for daily meditation and hopefully twice daily meditation, I have sometimes been unsuccessful in completing a meditation session. For example, I am only able to “partially meditate” for 5 minutes, usually because I am anxious about an task or assignment that I have not completed yet. During those sessions, I have still felt some calm and strength in being able to practice good breathing technique that is helpful for meditation (as well as in other situations for example during exercise or during a stressful time of the day), but if I am not able to complete the meditation session, I do feel some “unrest” and a desire to find a time later in the day when I can get back agin to my usual meditation setting and free my mind of distractions.

But main thing is that I think after I have completed a good session of meditation in a quiet and distraction free setting, I actually feel some energy and fulfillment.

Now I have not been able to practice meditation before sleep at night, so I think I may feel different after that type of meditation session- perpahs I will feel st peace and be able to establish good sleep habits.

Eul Gio T.
During meditation I make sure I am in a comfortable position, typically on my couch with a pillow under my head, legs stretched out, I like to have a blanket on as well. Once completely comfortable I start my meditation session. I focus on my breath, I place one hand on my chest and one on my belly to help me keep focus on my breath.

During meditation I generally feel relaxed, calm, lighter, reflective, and self loving.

After meditation I feel accomplished, calm, more energized, and in a better mind set to take on my day.

Linus O.
I feel a peace of mind, comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. I have only been doing it for 3 days and already I feel the difference. I'm not so tense and angry. I think that this will definitely become a part of my daily routine.

Katy J.
When I start meditation I have a lot of thoughts, I breath and focus on my long drawn out breath. I still have a lot of thoughts that carry me away for a bit and then I remember to breath and bring myself back. At some point I start to feel antsy and want to wiggle around and even start to get up. If at this point I bring my attention to my breath and sit with it I will find myself going deeper into a relaxed yet focused space of calm. Once that happens I tend to sit with it easily and sometimes past the time the ending bell rings. The more I meditate the easier this process becomes.